MARGARITA (Bulk order)

MARGARITA (Bulk order)

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Individual box contains 6 single-serve packets

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    Skinnies are the perfect mixers for the consumer living a healthy lifestyle that doesn't wan't or can't have sugar in their drinks. They are made from plants and natural ingredients. Skinnies come in single-serve packets that you can take in your purse or pocket and avoid getting served traditional drinks loaded with sugar or artificial ingredients.

    To Make a zero sugar Margarita just mix 1 Skinnies packet with +/- 6oz water, add a splash of tequila, salt the rim (or not), garnish with a slice of lime and enjoy!

    Non-Alcoholic Drinks: for a Mocktail just mix Skinnies with +/- 6oz water (could be sparkling), garnish and enjoy! Pro tip: Use ½ packet if you prefer a milder taste.



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